Short stories


Published in The Dread Machine

In a dystopian future, a desperate mother attempts to smuggle her illegal child past Border Enforcement.

Terminal Accord

Published on the Calliope Stories app

A group of cancer-stricken astronauts embark on a one-way trip to Europa.

Italic & Bold

Published in Heartlines Spec

Longlisted for the BSFA Award for Best Short Fiction, 2023

Two damaged robots discuss matters of great importance.


Published in Uncanny & Unearthly Tales, a Grendel Press anthology

No-one can prepare you for living with your demons.

The Smiling Virologist

Published in Little Blue Marble

A documentary crew uncovers the truth behind a very unusual pandemic.

Eternity Park

Published in Cosmorama

As the biosphere collapses, a young girl explores a pristine VR copy of Earth.

What To Do When A Protagonist Visits Your Generic Village

Published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

You've heard this story before.

The Ice Tunnel Closes

Published at Black Hare Press

A 100-word Antarctic horror story.

For All The Worlds You'll Make

Published in The Colored Lens

A tale of childhood friendship in the final years of a dying Earth.

They Came From Outer Space [Citation Needed]

Published in The Dread Machine

Alien invaders are wiping out civilisation, but Wikipedia still needs updating...

The Tidal Lock

Published in Interstellar Fiction

Reprinted in Etherea

In a superheated future where the Earth has stopped turning, a water courier's truck breaks down in the desert.

Forthcoming stories


Forthcoming in Kaleidotrope

Love, loss, and nostalgia on the edge of a supermassive black hole.

The Cat That Worked From Home (co-written with Rachel Peacock)

Forthcoming in Cast of Wonders

Macaroni is a very important business cat. He has a little laptop with little buttons for his little paws.